The Grizzly Den Cabin

LIST PRICE: $245,000

The land is 6.1 deeded acres with frontage on the South Fork of the Yaak River and boarding over 2 million acres of Kootenai Naitonal Forest.  It goes from light sloping to the flat creek bottom where there are some small meadows.  We have never put up any fences and kept the land in it's natural state. Property and area is LOADED with deer. There is a neighbor on the south boundary though you can not see their cabin from the property, and they are very good people.  The West boundary and part of the North boundary is Forest Service, and the remaining North boundary is a 160 acres with a conservation easement so nobody can build directly next to the cabin.  The East boundary is the South Fork of the Yaak River.  The 6.1 acres is the end of the road location and is subdivided into two lots, one is 4.1 acres, and the other is 2 acres. There is a well on the property with some of the coldest and cleanest water found anywhere.  We have tested it multiple times and it has had excellent ratings each time.  We use the generator to pump water into the cistern which sits in a holding closet in the loft of the cabin.  Two people taking a regular shower a day with normal dish washing, drinking water etc can usually go 3 to 4 days without refilling from the well.  Filling up is super easy. 

There is a hill on the land which would be ideal for building a root cellar into the side of the mountain if one wanted to have an emergency place to cool meat and live 100% off the grid.  There is very good sunlight in the spring and summer and a garden or green house would do very well.  Wild strawberries and huckleberries are plentiful in the summer.